Likita Wyatt is the Chief Financial Officer for International Concepts and wife of Douglas Wyatt. She has worked with the vision of International Concepts since conception in various fields of operation. She acts as liaison between the CEO and impending Chief of Operations. Likita is committed to maximizing long-term relationships with potential and current customers, ensuring a balanced portfolio of growth initiatives, and maintaining a high level of integrity and transparency for which International Concepts is known. Likita Wyatt serves on International Concepts Board of Directors.

Likta is a graduate of Troy University with a Master's in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. She is also member of the Phi Kappa Phi Chapter.

Previously, Likita worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama; she resigned from Blue Cross Blue Shield to work full-time under the vision of International Concepts. Her background is in the field of Human Resources and Grievance Coordinator. Likita's extensive experience in problem solution, financial planning and analysis, profit-and-loss leadership, and risk management make her well equipped to function in the role of Chief Financial Officer.